Acceptable Use Policy for the Site

The site is designed to allow residents to communicate with the site owners and other residents. Topics for the Forum can include anything related to this town or the wider area within which we live. The Forum provides an open, Web-based, threaded messaging mechanism by which participants can post, review, and respond to public comments.

Accordingly, this Acceptable Use Policy is intended to foster an online environment in which the residents feel comfortable posting the views, comments, ideas, insights, and criticisms that are essential to a vigorous and meaningful community.

The Basic Rule

Users of the site are invited to post messages. At the same time, users should show courtesy and respect to others and must not abuse the Forum.

Unacceptable Use

The following is a non-exclusive summary of conduct that is considered unacceptable use of the site:

Consequences of Unacceptable Use

We reserves the right to enforce this Acceptable Use Policy when we, at our discretion, conclude that an individual or entity has engaged in abusive conduct in connection with the Forum. Upon concluding that an individual or entity has violated the Policy, we may, at our discretion, remove posted messages.

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